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Sensory and Dance Classes

  1. Jitterbugs show 2016
    Jitterbugs show 2016
  2. Jitterbugs show 2016
    Jitterbugs show 2016
  3. Tummy time
    Tummy time
  4. Enjoying snow and balloons
    Enjoying snow and balloons
  5. Baby Sensory Hay on Wye
    Baby Sensory Hay on Wye
  6. Toddler Sensory Hay on Wye 2016
    Toddler Sensory Hay on Wye 2016
  7. Primary Sensory Hay on Wye
    Primary Sensory Hay on Wye

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LittleCwtch sensory and dance classes. Classes are available for babies aged 6 weeks to 3 years and children aged 4 - 10 years. 
Sensory, movement and music classes are currently held in 2 locations in Mid Wales and 1 in Herefordshire. Classes are taught in a friendly enviroment. 
Jitterbugs Dance class is currently held in 3 locations in Mid Wales. Jitterbugs is a fun filled dance class which uses creative games, colourful props and upbeat music. Classes are taught in a friendly enviroment building creativity, imagination and excitement within dance. 

Razzmatazz is an all style dance class for 7-10 year olds. This class will use a mixture of dance styles including ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary and lots more. Learning basic dnace techniques, exercises and routines with music and props. 

LittleCwtch are now working in
weekly providing workshops to their baby and pre school classes. 

LittleCwtch are always looking for enthusiastic and driven individuals to join our teaching team!

Please get in touch for further information.

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What we do 
  1. Sensory Information
    In Brecon, Hay on Wye and Herefordshire the classes available are: *LittleCwtch Baby (6 weeks to 6 months) * LittleCwtch Toddler (6 months to 18 months) * LittleCwtch Primary (18 months to 3 yrs)
  2. Jitterbugs class information
    LittleCwtch Jitterbugs class is for children aged 4 - 7 years. Classes are held in Llangorse, Hay on Wye and Brecon.
  3. Nursery and Pre School
    LittleCwtch are available to come into nurseries and pre schools for a number of weeks/terms. We can link our lessons with a particular story or theme of your choice.
  4. Birthday Parties
    LittleCwtch can provide birthday parties! You tell us the theme, location, time and how many children and we will be there with fun, music and games